COVID Secure

We are delighted to welcome back our customers after the lockdown. We’ve made some changes as to how we do things – we may not have got it 100% right but it’s our first time as well and things may continue to change as time goes on.


We may ask that all customers take their temperature using the contactless thermal entry system situated at the front door. Please ensure you follow the instructions carefully and if the system sounds the alarm, we politely ask that you follow national guidelines, go home and self isolate, and come back and visit us when you are better.

A video explaining how the system works can be seen here.


It is your responsibility to distance yourself from others. We will not be policing you but we do expect you to abide by the current national guidelines.

Please keep your distance from people you do not normally have close contact with, and respect other peoples space.


We have had to reduce staffing behind the bar and in the kitchen so that we can adhere to current distancing guidelines.

This change might mean things take a little longer than you are used to, so please be patient and respectful with our staff when we are busy.


If you do not want to go to the bar, please find a table and place your order by phone. Easy to follow instructions are on each table for how to do this.

Please note that we have different telephone numbers for different zones of the establishment, so make sure you dial the correct telephone number that corresponds with your table.


Because we have reduced the number of tables and staff it is now more important than ever that you BOOK YOUR TABLE FOR FOOD IN ADVANCE to avoid disappointment.

You can book your table by calling our main line – 01373 859 433.

Please be aware that due to current guidelines we can seat a maximum of six people per table at the moment.


We have increased our cleaning schedule to include sanitising tables and menus between customers – please remain patient and give us time to do this for your own safety and that of our staff.


Please make use of the additional facilities we have provided to assist our patrons in remaining COVID safe.

Hand sanitiser is provided in multiple locations in the establishment so that everyone can feel clean and safe when visiting – we encourage everyone to make use of it.

If at any time you spot something that might be a risk, please alert a member of staff who will ensure that the right steps are followed to resolve it.

Enjoy your visit.

Click here to see our current COVID-19 Risk Assessment